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Customizable Support


Compunet offers various service agreements and reliable on-site support for all businesses regardless of size. We have many cost effective plans available in order to save your company extra time and money so it can be used where it’s needed most.

Services We Can Provide For You


As a Managed Service Provider, Compunet helps clients devote more time to their business needs by offering complete IT management for a fixed monthly rate. We help our clients eliminate the uncertainty of unscheduled down time by providing regular maintenance and updates. Compunet’s client care services provide all the necessary tools needed to assure that your technology stays running at full capacity.


Being preventive is the key to keeping your network fully protected at all times. Addressing IT problems when it is too late is time-consuming and can be extremely costly. Compunet’s proactive IT services provide clients with peace of mind and around the clock sense of security. Our highly skilled team of engineers monitors and maintains your IT infrastructure both onsite and remotely to minimize loss and keep your business running smoothly at all times.


Compunet offers individual service agreements that allow clients to pre-purchase a set number of hours in which our engineers will be fully available to them any time an issue surfaces. We pride ourselves in our unmatched response time and having the proper tools and skills needed to solve all surfacing IT problems. Pre-paid service retainers are also available at a discounted rate contingent upon client and needs. Our range of service agreements is specially tailored to meet your business needs.


As always, our team is readily available to assist your business with any issues or concerns you may face. We can fix the majority of issues remotely or come on site to better assess and resolve a problem. We seek to provide you with the highest quality of IT support available within the industry. Reach us by phone or our online contact form when you are in need of any assistance and we promise to fix things as quickly as possible!