Top Quality Technical Solutions For Government Institutions 


Compunet serves various local and state government agencies including many housing and sports authorities.  With over 20 years of experience providing government work, we are fully equipped to provide our clients with the most suitable business solutions for their specific government institution. 

Government Specific Services


Compunet offers a range of security solutions specifically tailored for government intuitions. We are dedicated to protecting the critical information related to policy-making, utilities, client data, and finance. Compunet network security solutions combine security, performance and scalability to best fit your organizational or business needs. 


Email is an essential business tool that not many organizations can do without. Businesses and organizations must be increasingly aware that simply by using email, they may be exposing themselves to a number of legal threats. At Compunet, we assist in legally protecting our clients from such dilemmas by creating and implementing custom e-mail disclaimers. 


Minimize the time spent compiling and distributing agendas, save paper and ensure agenda minutes and meetings are automatically posted. Compunet works with Novusolutions® to make it easier for agencies to prepare their meetings and agendas, while providing access to public meetings and records online. 


Government agencies are required by law to employ and maintain security control and demonstrate compliance with many regulations. Compunet offers a wide range of solutions from network security, monitoring, e-mail, and transparency compliance to assist our clients in reaching compliance.