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Managed Services


Management made easy.


As a Managed Service Provider, Compunet helps clients devote more time to their business needs by offering complete IT management for a fixed monthly rate. We help our clients eliminate the uncertainty of unscheduled down time by providing regular maintenance and updates. This is why our highly skilled team of engineers is here to prevent and resolve all issues both on-site and remotely – giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Benefits of Managed Service


Managed services offer the highest grade and top carrier quality solutions available to clients. Having a fixed monthly rate assures that you know how much you will be paying so your business can budget accordingly. No unexpected changes in charges, guaranteed.


Meeting different regulatory compliances has become a priority for businesses and organizations. From Sarbanes-Oxley to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), smaller companies can often find themselves lost and unsure of how to handle such regulations. Compunet helps clients not only better understand these requirements, but also provides the tools needed to achieve compliance through our managed service solutions.


With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of highly skilled engineers is expertly trained to provide solutions in specific areas of business; allowing our clients to save the costly expense of training staff or hiring in-house IT personnel. On-site and remote support ensures that we are always there exactly when you need us most. Our flexible IT solution offerings allow you to scale up or down, as your business grows.


If your business has someone with split duties within your organization also working as your IT department, you may run the risk of not accomplishing all IT necessities because that person does not have time to fully focus on either of their duties in order to accomplish what their primary job entails. Compunet’s staff makes itself fully available to your company so that your employees are not left to juggle and potentially mishandle important IT-related requirements, deadlines, and issues that lower-cost experts can monitor and complete.