10 Great Features in Microsoft Office 365

As you may already know, Microsoft has a new, Cloud version of Office called "Office 365". This version is both in the Cloud and installed directly on your PC so that you are able to use it either way. The Office 365 subscription can be paid for either monthly or annually and is filled with an array of pleasantly useful features. Here are 10 neat features included in Office 365, according to Business Insider:

 1 - Multiple people can edit the same document at once 

2 - Edit a PDF file

3 - Turn notes into calendar items

4 - Ignore annoying reply-all conversations

5 - Add a signature to an e-mail 

6 - Turn rows of data into a map

7 - Excel charts, graphs, pivot tables made easy 

8 -  Skype with co-workers while working on a document

9 - Let Excel reformat your data

10 - Teach your inbox to de-clutter itself 


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