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Industry Leading Protection


 In an age where data breaches and losses are a common fear, business owners need the most reliable information available to them. Compunet works with trusted partners to ensure that your business’ systems are up-to-date and well protected. With our exchange hosted e-mail, back-up, and threat protection plans, you can stay more securely connected throughout the office and rest assured that all of your data is safe.

How You Can Feel Safe


It is an obligatory requirement by the Department of Health and Human Services for businesses and health organizations to conduct risk analysis on a regular basis. Risk assessments are the foundation to implementing safety measures specified in the HIPAA Security Rule, and ultimately achieving HIPAA compliance. Compunet’s IT risk assessment provides an end-to-end, all-inclusive view of all risks related to the use of IT and a similarly thorough treatment of risk management, from the tone and values at the top, to operational issues. IT risk is often too overlooked until it is too late. Not only is it important to preform risk assessments to meet regulatory compliance, but it will also help save your business valuable time and money.


One of the key pieces in protecting your business from outside threats is by maintaining a secure e-mail system. Compunet’s e-mail security solutions work to prevent and properly address all multi-level threats. Our solutions defend against viruses, spam, and malware that can infiltrate your computer systems and put your businesses and or patients’ confidential data at risk. Our e-mail security simultaneously protects overall privacy with data loss prevention (DLP) and the most recent encryption technology. These e-mail securities are now available for your iPhone and Android to provide employees who use their own device full coverage protection both on and off site.  


Staying properly protected through Compunet’s security solutions can help you meet and maintain required compliance.  Modern threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. Our industry-leading security solutions allow us to provide you with the perfectly tailored solution to meet your industry’s requirements or particular network security issues.


Security should be your top concern once your business’ computers are connected to a network. If your computer is connected to a network, other people can connect to your computer, putting you and your data at risk. Compunet’s security solutions offer the most effective data encryption, security scans, and firewall protection within the IT industry, keeping your business safe and well-protected.